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Ei:gentum was created by a team of three friends from Germany. Ronnie and Ohara, who are brother and sister, got together with their friend Salmon and started working on their first NFT project in evenings and on weekends.

Salmon is a crypto enthusiast and tyro trader. He is fascinated by the opportunity to network with like-minded people and working together on goals, therefore he is a huge Twitter fan. About 2 years ago, he discovered his love for NFTs and has been an observer of the sector ever since. In his personal life, he has been working as a freelancer in the movie industry for almost 10 years and is running his own business. Salmon is primarily responsible for marketing and community management.

Ronnie handles all the development work behind the scenes. He also helps with creating and rendering the eggs. He is creative, has a lot of technical knowledge and is excited to be part of the ecosystem!

Ohara is a product designer and artist IRL and online. Coming up with ideas and visualizing them with a great sense of aesthetics are part of her creative skill set. She is the lead 3D artist and mother of eggs. Her brother introduced her to NFTs, and she is fascinated by it ever since. Now Ohara is getting active herself and is excited to see how she can contribute with her skills!

We wanted to bring art to Solana people actually enjoy looking at.

As you can read in the introduction about the project here, We didn’t like the fact that there were no artists behind many of the projects existing. There were countless projects that simply copied existing works, were simple knock offs and — for our taste — offered no aesthetic, no real art.

Eggs are cool. I like eggs. Let´s do eggs.

We were thinking about what our concept would be for a long time, since it was supposed to be something special. One day Ohara was endlessly scrolling through the internet, getting tired and overwhelmed from all the stimuli yet again. It then became clear, that something utterly simple was needed. Something that would bring you back to the origin of life and would remind you that life can be easy, too. Eggs. But beautiful.

Why Ei:gentum?

The great thing about NFTs is that you can own them. Ownership is something that is being lost in our modern world. You live for rent, have subscriptions to entertainment and can even rent technology. You own less and less. That’s why we chose the German word for property. Eigentum.


german for property [noun] something that a person owns

noun [ uncountable ]


The name was soon selected. We love puns, and we wanted to integrate our mother tongue German into the name. Also, we loved that the name described everything the NFT was going to be: An egg and your property.


german for egg [noun] an oval object usually covered with shell, laid by a bird, reptile etc, from which a young one is hatched



The money-making part in NFTs is undeniable, of course, but there is more to the non-fungible tokens and our vision than that. And that is the art.

Ei:gentum comes with a very low supply of 333. Additionally, we set the mint price at 0,333 Sol to make the art affordable for everyone. We want the project to be inclusive. That means that we as a team make less money, but it also means the project is a lot more sustainable.

We are in it for a long run, and we are building slowly.

We are mooning, but on ETs bycicle instead of a rocketship.

What we want is holders, who are first and foremost happy about the art, rather than flipping them for a good coin.

We call them Ei:gentümer (German for owner): A small but friendly community, collecting beautiful eggs who enjoy looking at them in their wallets and living an easy life.

This is exactly what will make the eggs valuable in the future.

If you think about joining the community, you are still very early, and we will welcome you with open arms :)

For more information or contacts, you can find all the links here:

Keep it simple!


Salmon, Ronnie and Ohara




A collection of beautiful eggs. Every egg is 100% unique and handmade in Germany.

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A collection of beautiful eggs. Every egg is 100% unique and handmade in Germany.

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